The Writer

In choice we define ourselves.  I simply read them.

I am an observer of people.



While you’re here, a few points to note:

1.I am unavailable in every way one can be unavailable.   However emails of relevance may gain a response.  Start with I_Sadist on Twitter.  Don’t have a Twitter account?  Sorry.

2.I like to change things around.  Don’t get attached.

3.I’m dry and I do not adjust so that you are comfortable – whether it be comment box or email.

4.I tie in music with some of my posts.  I did it for a reason, and it always relates.  Try and listen – it’s how I found a lot of these artists.

5.My writing is mental lint collected, and while it does inevitably reflect upon me, keep your (and this is by no means all-inclusive) close-minded, judgmental, racist, pig-headed, sexist commentary to yourself.  My comment box is not your soap box.  Want to reform the world?  Look at yourself.



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