Dark Horses

“You’re happier.  Is there someone you want to tell me about?”

I paused while chopping garlic, but didn’t look up.  “No one, but thanks, I guess.”

She took a bite of her apple, turned towards me while chewing it and leaned a hip against the counter near where I was working.  “So what’s different?  The move?”

“Some of it, maybe.”

“Ugh.  Getting information out of you is like pulling teeth.”  She hopped up and sat on the counter, drawing an irritated glance from me which she ignored.

“What are you after?”  I scraped the garlic into the pan, poured some oil and adjusted the heat up a bit.  “What specifically do you want to know?”

She shrugged.  “I don’t know.  You were always brooding and moody.”


She lightly slapped my shoulder.  “You know what I mean!”

“I’m not in pain.  That’s some of it.  Some of it is the house being gone and by extension a ton of shit that I didn’t need daily reminders about.  Some of it is my mother dying.”

“Yeah, I don’t miss that cow either.”  

I made a strangled noise in my throat and said nothing.

“Whatever it is though, it’s good.”  She offered the apple up after taking another bite.  “Want a bite?”  

“Do you mean to offer me a half eaten apple I’ve watched you demolish in record time?”  I smirked, “No thanks, your kids have probably infected you with some sort of germ that I’ll catch soon enough.”


“So I’m told.”

“I dunno, D.  I think maybe you’ll end up being the dark horse in this story.”

“Come from behind winner?”  I grinned.  

“The one who figures it all out,” she replied, “let me know when you do.”

“And you’ll tell me if I’m right?” I scoffed.

“You won’t need me to tell you shit if you get it right.”


“So I’m told.”  She kicked off the counter and kissed my cheek.

“There, now you’re definitely infected with the next viral plague.”  

I wiped it away with my shoulder and gave her the finger.  

“See you for dinner with my horsemen in tow.”

“I look forward to it.”